About The Practice

The Parkside Family Practice was established in Parkside in 1945 and is now a group of experienced, independent practitioners practicing in association with a common philosophy and commitment to Family Medicine.

They combine the caring aspects of traditional General Practice with the knowledge and skills of modern family medicine.

One of the main objectives of the practice is to encourage the maintenance of good health in patients through preventive medicine and active health promotion.

The practice is committed to continuity of care. We encourage patients to always try to see their own doctor, however the doctors work closely together and do have access to a patient’s clinical record to ensure continuity is maintained if a preferred doctor is unavailable.

One of the doctors from the practice is always on call after hours, overnight and on weekends to maintain continuous care for the patients of the practice.

The practice offers patients the best possible treatment and believes this is best achieved in a working environment where the patient is recognised as the most important person in the practice.

The practice is fully AGPAL accredited with an experienced team of doctors, nurses and administrative staff.

The practice at times is involved in teaching medical students and the training of GP Registrars.

Our Doctors and Staff are working extremely hard in busy conditions, doing their best to assist our patients. Please treat our team with courtesy and respect. Parkside Family Practice has Zero Tolerance for threatening, rude or aggressive behaviour.

Results of any test or procedure

When pathology tests are ordered during a consultation, your doctor will discuss with you about follow up of the results. Whilst reception staff can advise you if your results are back from the laboratory, for medico-legal reasons and in consideration of confidentiality, they are not qualified to discuss results with you.

You will be requested to either ring or make a follow-up appointment to further discuss your results.