Our position

Parkside Family Practice is committed to providing high quality health care, as well as creating a safe workplace and practice for patients to seek essential health care.

We recognize that most of our patients will be seeking non-COVID related health care, and we are committed to continuing to provide such care during times of high transmission of COVID-19 in the community.  While Parkside Family Practice has ensured its doctors and staff have complied with the SA Government mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers and encourage everyone to seek vaccination for COVID-19; at the same time, we respect our patients’ individual choice to remain un-vaccinated. We will not discriminate against any patient (vaccinated or unvaccinated) seeking care. However, based on an individual’s vaccination status, we may implement certain measures to protect both the patient and our doctors/staff.

What we are doing

We are implementing a number of precautionary measures in line with SA Health’s COVID-19 exposure risk assessment.
These measures include:

  • Assess risk to patients, doctors and staff, based on: level of community transmission, appointment type being sought, symptoms, and vaccination status
  • Triage patients based on clinical need
  • See patients in a dedicated isolation room, where appropriate
  • Provide doctors and staff with additional personal protective equipment
  • Provide patients with surgical masks and hand sanitizer
  • Limit the number of non-essential visitors to the practice
  • Physical distancing in the waiting room, including asking patients to wait outside or in their cars
  • Ensuring all our doctors and staff are vaccinated for COVID-19
  • Utilise technology enablers such as telehealth and e-scripts to reduce non-essential face-to-face contact

What YOU can do to help us

We ask our patients to work with us to enable the practice to continue ‘business-as-(almost)-usual’. You can help us by:

  • Please be patient with our staff. They are required to ask you a lot more (and the same) questions when you make an appointment and when you attend an appointment.  They may also ask you to show your COVID-19 certificate of vaccination, recent COVID-19 swab result or QR check-in tick. This to help our staff and doctors to triage, assess transmission risk, and put in place any additional measures to protect you, other patients, and our doctors/ staff. 
  • Get a COVID-19 swab when you first develop respiratory symptoms
  • Wear a surgical mask to your appointment (we can provide you with a surgical mask if you don’t have one), sanitise your hands upon entry and exit of the practice
  • Use the QR check-in upon your arrival to the practice
  • Where possible, attend your appointment alone. If you require a support person, we ask that you bring one person only. For children, we ask that only one parent and no siblings attend the appointment (where possible).


Parkside Family Practice